Shed Man

Shed ManBy Kevin JonesDirected by Siobhan Lynn BrennanAssistant Directed by Umalkyhar MohamedProduced by Steve BennettAssistant Produced by Lauren LloydDesigned by Cory ShippSound Designed by Josh BowlesLighting Designed by Louise SwindellShed Man is a play where a man builds a shed live on stage. That’s it, what more do you need? How often do you get…… Continue reading Shed Man

Cardiff Boy

  Cardiff boy – by Kevin JonesDirected by Matthew HolmquistCast- Jack Hammett Kevin Jones jumps straight into the 90s with Cardiff Boy. Forgetting for a moment the pub backdrop created in The Other Room, we’re barely a minute in before 90s tunes are blaring from a tape (yes a tape). Directed with intelligence, and a…… Continue reading Cardiff Boy

Derwen- Invertigo Theatre

Tim Crouch’s play ‘An Oak Tree’ uses the idea of suggestion, belief and how we find out the answers to questions, to explore the idea of grief. Here translated into Welsh by Invertigo (translation by Mared Llewelyn Williams) it becomes ‘Derwen’. The play is known for the fact that one of the two actors on…… Continue reading Derwen- Invertigo Theatre