Shows I Can’t Shake 2018

In addition to the usual ‘top 10’ theatre productions of the year which can be found here this year I had that many productions that had a profound impact on me, that I wanted to record that. So here, is the collection of 2018 productions that will be with me for a long time.  Cardiff BoyOriginal Review…… Continue reading Shows I Can’t Shake 2018

2018 Top 10

10. Ten Plagues- Mark Ravenhill One that kind of snuck into consciousness and didn’t let go. Understandably given my research and theatrical passions this from Mark Ravenhill on parallels between the Black Death and AIDS struck a chord. More than that the sheer beauty of the production left a mark long after the event. 9. Lovecraft (Not the…… Continue reading 2018 Top 10

Cheer- Big Loop Theatre- The Other Room

The Other Room have established themselves as the Channel 4 of Christmas in Cardiff, with their alternative Christmas show. And this year, up and coming company Big Loop are resident with Cheer. It’s an entertaining enough piece of alternative Christmas, with just enough cynicism to feel like a grown-up alternative to the usual Christmas flair.…… Continue reading Cheer- Big Loop Theatre- The Other Room