Language and Identity in the Welsh-Turkish Play Y Brain/Kargalar

  In a longer more reflective post on this production for Howlround  I examine the questions of language and culture and the difficulties of interpretation.  “I felt that these lands were always wrapped around me like a mother, in the most difficult times of my life. And that they were healing me.” These words, spoken by Mel—one…… Continue reading Language and Identity in the Welsh-Turkish Play Y Brain/Kargalar

Review: Y Brain/Kargalar

Writer Meltem Arikam was forced to flee Turkey after accusations against her and start a new life in Wales. While starting her new life, her husband unexpectedly died and she was left once again re-examining her place in the world, her sense of identity and where and how to belong. In Y Brain/Kargalar, she examines…… Continue reading Review: Y Brain/Kargalar

New Review: 12 Cabins 12 Vacancies

In life we are used to the intersection of personal and public events. But there’s an interesting kind of personal/public dynamic with the cultural events that come to mean something beyond themselves, because of the moment we encountered them. Nobody would look at Psycho for a tender exploration of love and loss, but for Chris Durnall the intersection of seeing this…… Continue reading New Review: 12 Cabins 12 Vacancies

New Article: Years And Years

  This article contains spoilers. Episode one of Russell T Davies’ Years and Years ends with Russell Tovey fucking a man as the world ends. That seems a flippant summary, but for gay men sex has always been, and still is, a political act. Seemingly apt from the writer who brought the world Queer as Folk and caused much…… Continue reading New Article: Years And Years