Tylwyth- why it matters

For the original reivew of Tylwyth see post hereSo why then is Tylwyth important? It’s important for Welsh language theatre for sure. Though that’s not my area to comment on specifically, I will say from a personal perspective that it’s important from a non- Welsh speaker (or in my case struggling learner) perspective- because Llwyth…… Continue reading Tylwyth- why it matters

Tylwyth- Sherman Theatre

The Welsh theatre scene is divided this week, into those audiences at Tylwyth who remember Llwyth…and disgustingly young individuals.For those unfamiliar, Tylwyth revisits the group of characters first seen 10 years ago in Daf James’ Llwyth. A sequel yes, but one where if you’re new to the characters you won’t feel lost. And one that…… Continue reading Tylwyth- Sherman Theatre

The Beauty Parade- Wales Millennium Centre

\”We are the secret moon squadrons. Dropped by moonlight to set Europe ablaze.\”This is the tagline for ‘The Beauty Parade’ and it should be setting everyone ablaze- with excitement at this new creative collaboration and with anger and inspiration at this forgotten true story finally being told.‘The Beauty Parade’ refers to the codename for women…… Continue reading The Beauty Parade- Wales Millennium Centre