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For work or research queries:

Email: EmilyMGarside@gmail.com

Twitter: @EmiGarside

Phone: 07757 121775

About Me 

As a former academis with an interest in theatre audiences, fan studies and queer performance, I now split my time between creative work, criticism and research.

Post Ph.D. I work as a freelance writer, dramaturg and researcher. I also do social media management and content writing.


My Ph.D. looked at the role of theatre as a response to the AIDS epidemic. This work focused on Tony Kushner’s Angels in America and Jonathan Larson’s Rent as case studies.


In 2017 I was able to work on the National Theatre’s production of Angels in various ways- from advising director Marianne Elliott, to education events and writing an essay for the programme (“It’s my favourite”- Andrew Garfield, 2017).

My academic interests include activism and performance, audience research and Fan Studies. I’ve published across a range of interests/disciplines including Iain Banks, Sherlock Holmes, Location and TV and Punchdrunk.

I am available for writing and research projects within the creative industries. I write regularly for various publications on theatre, the arts, and academia. With a research background in performance as a social tool, cultural engagement, and history.

A qualified teacher and experienced HE Lecturer and workshop facilitator I am interested in opportunities within both formal and informal education settings.

As an experienced dramaturg, I am developing my creative practice as a playwright.

With experience in development across creative industries, I can offer strong grant-writing experience and development knowledge including financial management.


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