Golf Course War Machine- No Boundries Theatre, Cardiff

“Wales? I thought that was a town in England”Raise your hand if you’re from Wales and an American has said that to you…One of Chris Harris’ spot on observations about being Welsh, and the world and Welsh in the world in ‘Golf Course War Machine’. The play follows Pippa, a 24-year-old from Tredegar staging a…… Continue reading Golf Course War Machine- No Boundries Theatre, Cardiff

Groundhog Day-The Old Vic

If this was my actual Groundhog Day I’d happily spend hundreds of days there. The new musical from Tim Minchin manages to be both utterly uplifting as well as emotionally affecting.For those who missed the 1993 film starring Bill Murray, it follows cynical weatherman Phil Connors, who is sent to report on ‘Groundhog Day’ which…… Continue reading Groundhog Day-The Old Vic

No Man’s Land- Cardiff

Pinter plays can be a frustrating experience, the infamous pauses, the obtuse writing, it can be a fascinating evening but also a frustrating one if executed poorly. Of course there was no real fear of poor execution from two masters of the stage in Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan. Their double act, supported by fine…… Continue reading No Man’s Land- Cardiff

Never going to be good enough…on ‘artists’ and being terribly lowbrow.

I’ve come to the realisation I’m just not…something. You see all the words I want to use to fill in that sentence feel insulting, wrong. I could say ‘clever’ but clever is relative. I could say ‘artistic’ or ‘high brow’ they seem more fitting. But it still feels insulting. What it boils down to in…… Continue reading Never going to be good enough…on ‘artists’ and being terribly lowbrow.

‘Allo ‘Allo – Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival

All photos Simon WestLast night saw the second show in Cardiff Open Air theatre, classic comedy ‘Allo ‘Allo. Now if nothing else, I think we can all agree we need a good laugh right now, and the company don’t disappoint on that front. Staging classic sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo on stage has elements of both blessing…… Continue reading ‘Allo ‘Allo – Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival

Into the Woods- Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival

Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival opened in style with Sondheim’s classic Into the Woods last night. It is a visually spectacular production which makes brilliant use of the fittingly wood-filled backdrop. And the large and impressive cast taking on one of musical theatre’s most challenging scores. Into the Woods is Sondheim’s twist on fairy tales. From…… Continue reading Into the Woods- Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival

Romeo and Juliet-Taking Flight Theatre

Continuing the outdoor theatre theme from the last post, it’s time for Taking Flight theatre’s annual outdoor Shakespeare production. Starting in the lovely Thompson’s Park in Cardiff and going on to some of Wales’ most beautiful parks and castle grounds (oh and even one in Bristol this year!) the annual Taking Flight Shakespeare tour would…… Continue reading Romeo and Juliet-Taking Flight Theatre