Without You (Review of sorts)

I plan on using this blog to do more reviews as I reason I see a lot of theatre and blogging about it rather than  just my general moans occasionally makes for more interesting reading. I also quite pride myself on my critical eye when it comes to theatre-seeing through the hype and also givingContinue reading “Without You (Review of sorts)”

No more daydreams

“All those daydreams become fantasies rather than possibilities” That’s a quote from one of my favourite films ‘Third Star’ highly recommend it (have tissues at the ready). It’s a highly accurate quote, and while I for the most part stopped dreaming of the big things a while ago (I think it’s called your mid twenties) I had thoughtContinue reading “No more daydreams”

Sex Swansea and Sian Phillips

Little review of ‘Little Dogs’ or ‘How I went to the pub with Arthur Darvill’ So me ‘The Watson’  (as regular readers of this blog may know her) and another work colleague took a road trip to Swansea in the rain (is there any other kind?) to see National Theatre of Wales/Frantic Assembly’s ‘Little Dogs’.Continue reading “Sex Swansea and Sian Phillips”