About Me


I am a writer and passionate communicator about the value of LGBTQ+ stories in popular culture. I am a queer, neurodiverse writer and facilitator always seeking new writing, research and speaking opportunities.

As a journalist and critic, I uniquely understand the relationship between the audience and the production. I trained in theatre in Montreal and at RADA before completing my Ph.D. in theatrical responses to the AIDS crisis. I now specialise in the history of queer culture with a particular interest in media representation. My books span theatre and TV and my creative work in theatre and forthcoming novel, ‘write back’ to my research on queer culture, the history of AIDS and queer identities.

As a tutor and facilitator, my passion is working outside of traditional education settings with young people and adults. I deliver teaching on LGBTQ+ history and culture, creative writing and diversity and inclusion. I have spoken at organisations including The National Theatre, Bishopsgate Institute, Sherman Theatre, University of Wolverhampton, The Queer Emporium, and various corporate speaking engagements.

I have been a guest on podcasts, including; Curtain Call, Leeway Productions 10 Minute Musicals, Pen and Paper Theatre Company Podcast, In Lockdown with…, and others.  I love to collaborate with other creatives across all mediums.



Emily is the author of several books, including; Longing for What’s Left Behind and Dreaming Ahead: Angels in America and Britain’s National Theatre ( McFarland, 2022), Love that Journey For Me The Queer Revolution of Schitt’s Creek (404 Ink, 2021). Forthcoming titles include; Gay Aliens and Queer Folks, Russell T Davies and Queer TV (September 2023, Calon), and Seasons of Love, why Rent Matters (November 2023, Applause).


Emily writes across multiple mediums: from reviews to opinion pieces and from long-reads to research-led articles. She contributes to The Queer Review, American Theatre, Wales Arts Review, and many others. Her short book, Love That Journey for Me: The Queer Revolution of Schitt’s Creek, sold out its first print run in a week and was featured in Queer Toronto, DIVA, The Queer Review, and Xtra.


As a playwright, she has produced work with Clock Tower Theatre, Dirty Protest Theatre, The Other Room, and the Arena Theatre Wolverhampton as a writer for their 14/48 theatre festival. She is the Literary Manager of Forest Theatre Company.


Emily has taught professionals and trainees in the theatre industry in various institutions, including London Playwrights and Bishopsgate Institute. She has also taught as a visiting practitioner and lecturer at various universities, most recently at the University of Wolverhampton. 

Advising and Consultancy

Emily is an active member of the Cardiff theatre community. She is a script reader for a number of international theatre companies, including London Playwrights Blog, Route 66 Theatre (Chicago), The Political Playwrighting Award, and Shakespeare in Italy. From 2016-2021 was Chair of the Board of Trustees for Taking Flight Theatre. She is now on the board of advisors for The Arena Theatre Wolverhampton.

As a dramaturg and researcher, she worked on the National Theatre’s 2017 production of Angels in America in various roles – from advising director Marianne Elliott to running education events – and wrote the official program note informed by her groundbreaking research.


Emily is available for writing and research projects within the creative industries, audience research projects and public engagement, and dramaturgical and script reading work. 

For work or research queries:

Email: EmilyMGarside@gmail.com

Twitter: @EmiGarside

Phone: 07757 121775

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