Don’t Send Flowers- review round up

‘Don’t Send Flowers’ had its London run (finally) at The White Bear theatre from 30th August- 4th September with Forest Theatre Company We have a couple of lovely reviews starting with this from The Spectator in which Lloyd Evans said: The characters are original, well drawn and easy to like. The dialogue and the actingContinue reading “Don’t Send Flowers- review round up”

Tremor, Sherman Theatre (Review)

I went to see Brad Birch’s new play Tremor at the Sherman Theatre  as a reviewer for Miro magazine. You can read my more traditional review here. For new work however, I like to spend time unpacking the play, and in particular the writing a little more. So here is my not-review of Tremor. Fair warning ‘spoilers’ ahead, perhapsContinue reading “Tremor, Sherman Theatre (Review)”